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Kendra Wilkinson Topless And Nude

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Here she is, everyone’s favorite Girl Next Door, in the buff and showing off her luscious titties.  Did you know that when this San Diego-born babe turned 18, she suddenly got the urge to get some breast implants?  So she worked two jobs and saved up for it and BOOM, now she’s one of Hef’s favorite girls and appearing on a popular reality show that’s going into its fifth season.  Let that be a lesson to all the young, hot girls out there who are on the fence about getting some work done.  All the guys out there love luscious breasts, so if you want to boost your chances of landing a rich dirty old man when you grow up (or older), then get go and stuff some silicone or saline in your boobies right now!  And to remind us all what those implants have wrought, here are some titty-licious pics of our platinum blonde bombshell baring those ta-tas, as well as her sweet ass, too.  Talk about fantasy football!  She’s got us ready to score a field goal in our tissues…

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