Kendra Wilkinson Nude

If there are some reality show celebrities who truly deserve to get naked, and in fact depend on it, it’s the ladies of E! Entertainment’s “The Girls Next Door”.  Because, if you didn’t know, “The Girls Next Door” is the reality show chronicling the lives of Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends as he lives out every guy’s fantasy at the Playboy Mansion.  So yes, if you want to see Kendra Wilkinson nude, it’s a legitimate wish that no one can hold against you.

Kendra Wilkinson is the youngest of Hugh’s three girlfriends, and the sportiest one too, so she’s generally considered to be the hottest among the three, the other two being Holly Madison and Bridget Marquadt.  If you’re here on this site, you probably think she’s the hottest one too, and of course, we all agree with you!  This perfect platinum blonde bombshell really gets a horndog’s blood pumping, whether on the pages of Hef’s magazine, or on the screen where she and the other two dumb blondes show the world what gold-digging is all about.

But hey, we’re not hating on this hottie.  Everybody knows that getting picked as one of Hugh Hefner’s official girlfriends is a big opportunity, with lots of perks for any big-tittied Playboy model, and it’s expected of them to make hay while the sun shines.  That’s exactly what Kendra Wilkinson has been doing lately, branching out slowly into other mediums, like blogging for the Philadelphia Eagles, and appearing (mostly as herself) with the other Girl’s Next Door trio in various movies and TV shows.

But in the end, it’s all about seeing this hottie’s body in all its naked glory, so check out Kendra Wilkinson Nude for all the naked and naughty escapades this sizzling hot babe has been into.  She’s a Playboy bunny, so you know that she’s into having a raunchy good time, or else Hef wouldn’t have chosen her in the first place!