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September 9th, 2016 by J

Just a typical Friday night for Kendra Wilkinson is to be by herself, armed with her cam and a horny dude on the other side of the screen who’d jack off to her masturbation piece. She likes stripping naked, getting oiled up, and play with that cunt while spreading her legs wide and bending over for a deeper finger thrust. She’s not going to be caught dead in a club on a Friday night, she says, but she prefers to enjoy herself and give pleasure each time she opens those legs and play until she reaches orgasm. It feels so much better than having to go through all the pain of thinking what to wear, which lingerie to use, and the like, as compared to just letting loose with a naked self and having fun with someone who’s also up for giving her extreme pleasure by spraying jizz as she cums on her bed while rubbing that clit and fingering her hole.

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April 18th, 2016 by J

Kendra Wilkinson’s BDSM fetishes

Leaked Playboy video shows hardcore Kendra Wilkinson enjoying pleasure and pain in a hot lesbian BDSM action. Getting slapped and pinched and gagged are her fetishes. She’s also into getting her face smothered with a drippin’ wet pussy. She likes eating warm slippery twat and make her girl cum inside her mouth!

Pics of Kendra Wilkinson flashing her tits to the audience

April 30th, 2010 by ken

Wow, I can’t think of a better way than to start the day with a pic of Kendra Wilkinson tits as she flashes them infront of the audience on live tv. Thanks to Hugh Heffner she’s had good practice in becoming a full-time whore when she was still sucking on the old man’s pecker–her only recountable duty as a Playboy Girlfriend. A lot of people think it was a smart move for her to leave Hugh Heffner’s ass to more on to a stiff cock that will fuck Kendra Wilkinson’s pussy in all positions all-night long without having to pop a viagra but I saw the bigger picture right that moment and boy was I right.

Kendra Wilkinson married some semi-famous tool and got pregnant and now look at her…all saggy-like and cellulitey, thanks to married life and parenthood. I mean c’mon, wouldn’t it hurt to get your lazy ass at the treadmill? These recent pics of her is just plain depressing! There are so many cocks counting on you, Kendra…what the hell! So bottomline is, I think it was a bad move on her part to quit Hugh Heffner and leave the damn mansion because future pics of Kendra Wilkinson naked is now just fuckin’ wishful thinking! If you’re like me though, who’s a sappy perv…I’d still jack over these Kendra Wilkinson hot naked pics.

Kendra And The Other Naked Girls Next Door

August 13th, 2008 by ken

Blogging about Kendra Wilkinson wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the other two blonde bombshells in this tripod of titty-licious terrors.  Even though there’s been some conflict between Holly Madison and Kendra, a new season is coming and will supposedly feature will feature trips to Mardi Gras, New York, Aspen, where they’ll be snowboarding with Barbi Benton.  The search for the 55th anniversary Playmate is also up, and Bridget Marquedt’s adventures making a horror movie will hopefully be shown too.  Bridget’s the peacemaker among the three, so it’s cool she’ll have one of her escapades featured, seeng as how she’s the most mature among them.  But then, wouldn’t a real catfight involving those three be hot?  As long as they tear off each other’s clothes and end up naked and on top of each other, of course.  Kind of like this picture here.  Yummy!

But why dream about it when you can check out those actual pics, and lots more Girl Next Door lesbian action when you check out that link I posted there?  Three hot, blonde Playboy bunnies getting naked and getting off with each other?  It’s a wet dream come true!

Kendra Wilkinson Topless And Nude

August 13th, 2008 by ken

Here she is, everyone’s favorite Girl Next Door, in the buff and showing off her luscious titties.  Did you know that when this San Diego-born babe turned 18, she suddenly got the urge to get some breast implants?  So she worked two jobs and saved up for it and BOOM, now she’s one of Hef’s favorite girls and appearing on a popular reality show that’s going into its fifth season.  Let that be a lesson to all the young, hot girls out there who are on the fence about getting some work done.  All the guys out there love luscious breasts, so if you want to boost your chances of landing a rich dirty old man when you grow up (or older), then get go and stuff some silicone or saline in your boobies right now!  And to remind us all what those implants have wrought, here are some titty-licious pics of our platinum blonde bombshell baring those ta-tas, as well as her sweet ass, too.  Talk about fantasy football!  She’s got us ready to score a field goal in our tissues…

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August 13th, 2008 by ken

Yes, we know that Kendra Wilkinson is a Playboy model, and one of the top three bunnies in the house, so there’s obviously got to be lots of nude and naked pics of her out there.  Well, how about whetting your appetite first by checking out Kendra wearing some clothes?  Don’t worry, they’re sexy clothes after all, and can even barely be called as such in one or two of the images.  That cleavage shot of hers while wearing a black top is the most modest one, and it’s still sizzling hot!  The other two show her in her bikinis, so you know you’ll be enjoying these pictures even if she has something on, because a Playboy bunny in a bikini is still one of the most erotic things you’ll ever see, period!

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